Tuesday, January 17, 2012


How do you prepare for an interview? Most young graduates do not have a clue on how or what to do during or before an interview.Well, if you do not know what an interview is; it is just a face to face interaction with a potential employer or client.
A job interview is a process in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for prospective employment in their company, organization, or firm.
It is the opportunity to sell yourself and tell the employer or client what you can do to help his company grow.Unfortunately, many young graduates in Ghana,blow off this chance because the educational system do not provide them with the skills to succeed in the competitive job environment or they are too busy chasing after high grades and chewing lecture notes. What a Pity!
Having survive a couple of job interviews and networking, i would love to share with you 20 most common interviewing mistake,be it for a job or for networking purpose. I would just list those mistakes without elaboration. Please drop me  your comment if you want me to go a bit further on a point. I would gladly do so.

 The Most Common Interview Mistakes
  • Poor appearance: Not knowing the appropriate attire for the occasion.
  • No eye contact: looking upwards or downwards without looking eye ball to eye ball with the interviewer
  • Lack of courtesy: Using rude or impolite language.
  • Lack of career plan: Having  no idea of  of what career he or she desires or where that  chosen career would lead him or her to.
  • Slang language - not speaking in complete sentences. (eg. We gonna be de best)
  • Short-term employment: Just want to work for a year and later move on to get a better job.
  • Being overbearing
  • Late: Arriving 30 minutes after schedule
  • Sloppy Cover letter and CV: Nothing convincing about the application letter,just a template full of Grammar
  • Lack of enthusiasm: No zeal for the job, just needs a job to keep up with the pressures of life.
  • Lack of confidence: Scratching the hair whilst answering questions
  • Showing nervous habits
  • Over emphasis on money:How much are you going to pay me?
  • Poor scholastic record: Poor grades at both tertiary and high school levels
  • Lack of maturity
  • Lack of knowledge of field of specialization: find out more about the job and what skills  are required to stand tall in the field.
  • Unwilling to relocate: Just want to be where mommy is
  • Intolerant prejudice
  • Never heard of the company: Oh! A friend gave me your address and says i should apply
  • Wanting too much too soon: Would you give me a car and a clothing allowance?
Thanks for reading.Let me know what you have learnt drop me your comment.